I.                   New Students

·        Two passport-size photos

·        One photocopy of the following:

-         Valid applicant’s passport

-         Valid father’s passport

-         Valid residency permit (iqama) of the applicant

-         Valid residency permit (iqama) of the father

-         Vaccination Certificate

-         Birth Certificate

-         Employment Letter of the father

-         Completed MOE admission form


II.                Local Transferees

·        All New Students requirements

·        Approved MOE admission form

·        All previous report cards (original copies)

·        Clearance from the previous school


III.             International Transferees

·        All New Students Requirements

·        Latest report card/transcript certified from the Saudi Embassy located in the country of origin


For inquiries contact the school’s Registrar




·        Fees are nonrefundable if a student withdraws during the school year

·        Fees of all types cannot be credited to another student

·        Applicants must undergo an Admission Test (SAR 200). Admission fees are nonrefundable

·        Siblings are rewarded a discount as follows:

o   First Child: No discount

o   Second Child: 5% discount

o   Third Child onward: 10% discount